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How to use your Music Player:
1. Click the Play button
2. To pop player into a new window
    while navigating the website,
    hover over the window and click on
    "pop the player out"
3. To skip a song click the double
    arrow buttons
4. Volume controls are to the right, hover
    over and slide bar to desired level
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This Year, Skip The Bored Stage Of Summer

Even if you are working a full time job or have a jam-packed schedule, you could hit some boredom blues during the summer. Maybe it’s not seeing most of your classmates every day or having your mind challenged with assignments, but at some point every summer, the summer blues usually hit. It’s especially tricky to find things to do when you are looking to save money, but tricky is never impossible. Here Are A Few Things I’ve Used: Take In The Great Outdoors – The fun you can have in the gr